Clean Flowing Water


Project value in US dollars, all materials supplied by Our Group.

  • ANDA, Z N: El Salvador, 90 km. Ductile Iron pipe, D.I. 48" and 36" (12.2)
  • N W C: Montego Bay, Jamaica, 30 km., D.I. 36" and smaller (6.4)
  • Xaya Pixcaya: Guatemala, 40 km., D.I. 48" and smaller with plants (8.3)
  • A y A, "Cinco Ciudades": Costa Rica, 50 km., D.I. 36" . and smller (6.1)
  • A y A (SNAA): Costa Rica, D.I. 36" and smaller in different contracts (5.6)
  • ICE: Costa Rica, D.I. 24" and smaller in different contracts (3.5)
  • Empresas Municipales de Medell'n: Colombia, 100 km., D.I. 4" (4.8)
  • INOS: Venezuela 200 km., D.I. 36" and smaller in diff. contracts w/ plants (25.7)
  • ACUEDUCTO DE LIMA: Peru, 48" Concrete pipe and smaller. (15.4)
  • EMAP: Ecuador, D.I. 36" and smaller in different contracts. (2.2)
  • CORPOSANA: Paraguay, D.I. 36" and sm. in diff. contracts with plants (8.7)
  • IDAAN: Panama, 300 Km. D.I. 48" and smaller in contracts and plants (30.6)
  • PANAMA CANAL CO.: D.I. 36" and smaller in different contracts (6.7)
  • SANAA: Honduras, D.I. 24" and smaller in different contracts (1.5)
  • INAA: Nicaragua, D.I. 16" and smaller in different contracts (0.8)
  • FKAA: Florida City a Key West, USA 115 km. D.I. 36" (26.1)
  • MDWSA: Miami, Florida, USA D.I. 60" and smaller in different contracts (25.4)
  • INAPA: Dominican Republic, Steel pipe 36" and smaller (2.5)
  • INAPA: Dominican Republic, Ductile Iron 42" and smaller for the A. of Puerto Plata, San Pedro de Macor's and La Vega (11.9)
  • INAPA: Dominican Republic, Ductile Iron pipe, 24" A. Barahona (2.3)
  • INAPA: Dominican Republic Ductile Iron, 36" San Francisco De Macor's (3)
Large Refineries


Materials and services provided by Our Group.

  • RECOPE: Costa Rica
  • PEMEX: Mexico
  • CEPE: Ecuador
  • LAGOVEN: Venezuela
  • MARAVEN: Venezuela
  • Port of Vacamonte: Panama (petroleum line)
  • Hess Oil: St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • O. P. E. C.: Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles
  • PETRO PERÚ: North Peruvian pipeline & pumping stations
  • VERAUX TERMINAL: Port au Prince, Haiti
  • REYNOLDS ALUMINUM: Miragoane, Haiti
  • FLORIDA POWER & LIGHT: various plants in Florida
  • USAICE, Costa Rica
  • IRHE: Panama
  • E.M.B.: Barranquilla, Colombia
  • MINAS DE POTOSí: Bolivia
  • CEL, Aguachapan Hydroelectric Plant: El Salvador
Water Treatment Plant


Plant design, material supplies & supervision during construction by Our Group.

  • Bimini, Bahamas, Hotels: Effluents used to flush toilets
  • Santo Domingo, D.R., Hotels: Effluents used for irrigation
  • Venezuela: Diverse industries, 90% contaminants \ reduction
  • Panama, Canal Zone and private developments
  • South Florida, USA: More than 30 smaller plants for apartments, hotels, industries, processing plants, developments, etc.
  • Costa del Este, Panama: The largest aerobic wastewater plant ever built in that country, it started at 100,000, and it has gone through the first two expansions and will end up treating10 Million Gallons per day
Garbage Truck


Products and services provided by Our Group.

  • BFI (Browning Ferris Industries): Florida
  • Attwoods, Inc.: Florida
  • Attwoods Dominicana C x A: Santo Domingo, R. D.
  • D I X I Sanitation: Dominican Republic
  • SLS / Byrn, Santiago: Dominican Republic
  • W M X Technologies (Waste Management U. S. A.): Florida
  • Kimmings Recycling: Florida
  • Bahamas Solid Waste: Nassau, Bahamas
  • Aseo Capital: Colombia
  • Ecoser: Santiago de Chile, Chile
  • Metro Dade Solid Waste
  • City of Ocala Solid Waste
  • Broward County Recycling Center
  • Republic Waste: Florida
  • U. S. A. Waste: Florida
  • Cleantec Waste Services: Florida
  • E.W.S. (Environmental Waste Services) Surfside Carting: Florida
  • TECNILIMPIEZA S x A: Dominican Republic
  • Arwood Inc.: Jacksonville, Florida
Hospital Entrance


Products and services provided by Our Group.

  • Glennbeigh Hospital: Miami, Florida
  • Mercy Hospital: Miami, Florida
  • Baptist Hospital: Miami, Florida
  • Kendall Regional Hospital: Miami, Florida
  • Jackson Memorial Hospital: Miami, Florida
  • Hospital San Juan de Dios: Guatemala
  • University of Miami: Environmental plant